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If the cat cannot be handled safely, intramuscular sedation may be required. Subcutaneous administration results in unpredictable effects. Placing the patient in a crush cage can allow for rapid injection and protect against staff or patient injury. Consideration of comorbidities is important when selecting sedative agents, as some may be subclinical for example, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or undiagnosed. If pain is suspected or known to be present, a suitable agent should be chosen to provide analgesia.

In some cases, an opioid alone may be sufficient to sedate a patient enough to allow examination for example. Butorphanol generally provides a better-quality sedation than other opioids when given alone, but is not suitable for the provision of analgesia. Going home after a veterinary visit Despite our best efforts, some degree of stress is unavoidable in all but the most relaxed of cats. Stress can reduce feed intake and increases the risk of cats displaying unwanted behaviours. These could take the form of aggression, compulsive behaviour or inappropriate elimination Amat el al When cats return home, they may carry unfamiliar materials eg.

This may create problems with other cats in the home, causing stress to all parties. Using familiar bedding and synthetic FFP analogs can help reduce this as well as adopting a passive approach when bringing the cat home, ie. Environmental enrichment and correct provision of key resources can significantly reduce conflict Rochlitz There should be the same number of resources as cats plus one extra. Resources include food and water bowls, litter trays and safe places to rest or hide.

Provision of suitable safe places can be used for cats to rest peacefully or retreat to, allowing the cat to exert control over their surroundings and hence reducing stress Amat et al Where there are multiple cats in the household and a more severe conflict occurs, a reintroduction protocol could be used Amat et al The protocol is divided into three phases: olfactory habituation, visual habituation and direct contact habituation. The duration of each part is variable, depending on the severity of the conflict. Initially, each cat is confined to a different part of the household and all key resources are provided in both areas.

Using a piece of cloth, the secretion of the facial gland of each cat can be applied to the cheeks of the other cat. When both cats appear relaxed, visual contact between them is provided when they are engaged in a pleasant activity. They are otherwise kept separated and the duration of the visual contact sessions is gradually increased. Finally, in the last phase, the cats are fully reintroduced. In summary, optimal cat handling techniques and adjustment of the practice wherever practically possible have significant benefits in terms of patient stress and improved client bonding.

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Serious injury can occur to staff members and owners through inappropriate handling. Trust and bonding can be irreparably broken during a single examination by unsympathetic handling.

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Therefore, it makes both good ethical and financial sense to improve feline handling in the veterinary practice. Amat M et al.

Stress in owned cats: behavioural changes and welfare implications. From FUS to Pandora syndrome. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, 14, pp. Ellis SLH et al. The pet-friendly veterinary practice: a guide for practitioners. Intercat aggression: restoring harmony in the home. Use of single-dose oral gabapentin to attenuate fear responses in cage-trap confined community cats: a double-blind, placebo-controlled field trial. Recommendations for the housing of cats in the home, in catteries and animal shelters, in laboratories and in veterinary surgeries. Developing cat-friendly clinics.

Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery ; Signs of anxiety in feline patients include: a.

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Changes in ear position B. Sweat production from paws C. Vocalisation D. All of the above. Physiological responses to stress include: a. Hyperglycaemia, lymphopenia, neutrophilia, decreased serum potassium concentrations, hypertension B. Hypoglycaemia, lymphopenia, neutrophilia, increased serum potassium concentrations, hypertension C.

Hyperglycaemia, lymphocytosis, neutropenia, decreased serum potassium concentrations, hypertension D. Hypoglycaemia, lymphocytosis, neutropenia, increased serum potassium concentrations, hypotension. Key environmental resources include: a. Food and water bowls B. Litter trays C. Resting or sleeping areas D. Outside space e. All of the above f. How many of each key resource should be provided?

Veterinary Internal Medicine (Feline)

One per cat B. One per household C. One per cat plus one extra D. One per two cats. Large animal archives Small Animal archives Focus archives Peer archives. Small Animal. Small animal - September Download as PDF. Please sign to support The Veterinary Nurse Initiative! Liberty Vets Recruitment are recruiting for a permanent Registered Veterinary Nurse to join a reputable, busy practice based in Poole.

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I'm currently an RN and am seriously considering Veterinary Medicine. The British Veterinary Nursing Association can provide details about these qualifications and how to get them. Our hospital is divided into specialist areas with nurses specialising in the area of the condition which your pet may have.

Job Description; Full or part time applicants considered. We register veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses to practise in the UK, on the basis of their educational qualifications and continued ethical and professional good standing. To start searching, select an option to search by name, location or reference number and then type in your keyword.

The role: My client are looking for a Registered Veterinary Nurse to join their fantastic team. This is an exciting opportunity to work in state-of-the-art theatres, working alongside renowned specialists in Orthopaedics, Soft Tissue, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesia, Cardiology and Neurology. You'll need to register with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Want to know how to become a veterinary nurse?

If you want to take the next career step, get the latest employment outlook for Veterinary Nurses in Registered Veterinary Nurse. We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced Registered Veterinary Nurse to join our close, friendly team at Wolverhampton Vets4Pets, conveniently located 1 mile from the centre of Wolverhampton and just 5 minutes drive from the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Registered Veterinary Nurses RVNs work alongside veterinary surgeons in order to provide a high standard of care for animals and are a vital member of the veterinary team. We are a fully equipped and modernised RCVS accredited practice striving to achieve the highest standard of care in South Buckinghamshire.

Supporting Veterinary Nurses with training, continuing professional development and advice. For a Veterinary Nurse II: We are currently looking to recruit a Registered Veterinary Nurse to join our continually growing team of 20 dedicated nurses. Must be registered as a paraprofessional under the authority of the Kansas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners within six months of employment.

We are looking for a great nurse to join our team on a permanent basis. Job Description; Full-Time Some weekends as part of a rota No OOHs or on call Varied caseload Benefits; Very competitive salary Option to take sabbaticals or extended leave for travel CPD Allowance 5 weeks annual […] As long as the credentialing, training, and licensing to obtain it is comparable to a Registered Nurse, and it is protected in the same manner as "nurse" in general ie, the industry shouldn't be tolerating informally trained techs in non-certification-mandating states to go by "veterinary nurse" I don't see anything wrong with there being a Registered Veterinary Nurse title.

And if I had lived in a Compact state, my nursing license would've given me immediate access to work in 35 different states. Carry out any other reasonable duties as requested by the directors, head nurse, vets, senior vet nurses or practice manager. Amy joined Regan Veterinary Group in January as a student nurse and has since completed her studies, becoming a registered veterinary nurse in Pennsylvania Licensing System Are you a registered veterinary nurse looking for an opportunity in a lovely Nottinghamshire village? Our practice was established over 20 years ago and is staffed by a friendly team of five experienced vets, four RVNs and a student veterinary nurse along with a group of fantastic receptionists.

See what you might be able to help with.